(health) Personal updates

goal crushed

Usually, fall is the time I start going into hibernation mode. By this, I mean that I start craving tons of carbs, bundling up in every blanket I can find, parking myself on my couch and refusing to move until spring. Yes, I’m probably more than part bear. Or cat.   Not this year. In …

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(writing) NaNo is coming!


It’s getting colder. I have my first cold of the fall (joy. It didn’t even wait for September 23 to come in, and it’s really overstaying its welcome. But I digress.) and the leaves are changing. And you all know what that means: It’s NaNoWriMo time again! I’m on the site as captain_hobbes, if you …

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(personal/writing) A blissful, lazy Sunday


I don’t get many of these anymore. I slept late, had my shake for breakfast (for those who don’t know, I’m doing the Herbalife program right now, and it’s FABULOUS), and already folded a load of laundry while watching last night’s Ghost Adventures. Now, I’ve got a cup of tea, because it’s getting cool again, and …

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(writing) More words!

2011-01-17 17.34.06

So, um, yeah, I haven’t been writing. *sigh* Well, I am now! Not only am I working on a new book (titled Resonant Frequencies, and quite possibly the beginning of a world that I could write a few books in, if I wanted to), but I’m blogging now over at Dark Knights Paranormal! This is the …

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(writing/personal) blowing the dust out of the corners

Into thumbnail

Good thing that it’s only electronic dust, because lord, there is a lot of it! I have been dealing with depression, family illness, and stress, so I haven’t been writing. Or blogging. Or really doing anything, to be honest. And I don’t know that the stress is going away soon, so I’m trying to pick …

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(advent) Day 5 – The Wedding

It was raining when Drew woke up – just a light rain, almost a mist, really, but enough that everything was soft and faintly glowing. Molly had spent the night at her brother’s house with her part of the wedding party, although Schrodinger had opted to stay with Drew. I’m standing with you, he’d told …

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Day 5 – The Rehearsal Dinner

“Oh my.” Aunt Janice took a look at the loaded tables in the backyard and blinked. “Molly really doesn’t like sending people home less than stuffed, does she?” “She’s a kitchen witch,” Drew said, laughing. “It’s genetic.” “She would have gotten along so well with Alice,” Aunt Janice said, and Drew saw the shimmer of …

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Day 4 – The Wedding Shower

“Drew, my friend, what is wrong?” Drew turned around to find Pavel standing in the doorway, a dark bottle in his hand and a concerned look on his face. “Nothing,” he lied, forcing a smile to his lips. “Why?” “Because this is a party for you and Molly, your family is due any minute, and …

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Day 3 – The Bachelorette Party

“Big Papi? Really? He pitched to BIG PAPI?” Molly laughed at Noemi’s open-mouthed expression, which was half surprise and half envy. Okay, probably more than half envy. “So Schrodinger says,” she assured her. “And that was apparently only the beginning.” “How many arrest warrants did they acquire?” Jade asked, dropping down into the beach chair …

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(advent) Day 2 – The Bachelor Party

So we’re really going to Portland? “Yes, we’re really going to Portland!” Drew laughed as Schrodinger bounced excitedly around his feet. “In a limo, no less!” I’ve never ridden in a limo! The CrossCat jumped up on to one of the chairs on the porch, his tail swishing. Have you? The innocent question caught Drew …

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