This might not be of interest to most people, as I’m using it as kind of a catchall of what’s in my head right now. My brain is responding well to 250 words a day (about to hit Day 4 in a few, and I even managed 250 last night on the tablet, because I …

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Trials and Tribulations, or why can’t Val update a blog on a regular basis?


Of course, this could be titled “Why can’t Val do anything on a regular basis?” I seem to have issues with regularity, and I wonder why.   It could be that somewhere in my dim, distant past, something linked “a regular routine” with “boring” and I HATE boring with a fiery passion. And yes, I …

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Back from Balticon – the pollen-filled update.


          This is where I wish I was.  Sadly, instead, the pollen is falling like snow outside.  I’m assuming that’s why I feel awful.  I really, really hope it isn’t con crud.  Really.   Balticon was amazing.  It was the first time I’d been a fan, rather than a guest, and …

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Yeah, it’s that time of year again – Balticon!  I’m here, I’m not a guest, which means I have a ton of time to immerse myself in the joy that comes from being with your chosen family.  I’m going to take a ton of pictures, hang out with everyone I can, and spend every waking …

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(writing) Ephiphanies

So, I had a headache earlier today.  Well, I THOUGHT I had a headache.   What I actually had was a novel trying to burst through my forehead, sort of like Athena coming through Zeus’ brain.  Because once I started jotting notes down for this novel, the headache went away.  And then, when I got …

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(personal) Grey

I’m getting tired of grey mornings.  Even grey mornings that smell of green and growing things, that are warmer than they were, and full of soft rain.  I used to enjoy grey days, but that was before we had the winter from Game of Thrones that seemed to last forever.  When I wake up to grey …

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(writing) Words! And other things!

Quick update, because it’s late and I’m tired. :p  But I’ve been quiet here too long.   I’ve given up for the moment on writing in the mornings – I’m just not a morning person, and there’s not enough tea in the world to change that, sadly.  But I have a studio, and I’ve always …

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(health/personal) First goal met!


    On March 1, I said I wanted to lose 6 lbs by the end of the month.  In the first week, I went to my Remicade treatment, and the scale read 310 lbs.  So I needed 10 lbs to get under 300, which was my first weight loss goal of the season.   …

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(writing/personal/advent) Not dead yet!


I seem to use that a lot as a title.  That’s not a good thing.   But I’m not dead, and I’m still writing.  I’ve finished the first draft of Winter’s Secrets, which is the rewrite of the first Advent blog story.   I’m letting it marinate until April, when I’m going to do my …

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(advent) Today’s wordcount!

      986 words on Secrets, and we’re closing in on the end!  Once I have the rough draft in Scrivener, then I print it out, do my first round of revisions, and then send it off to the editor!