(health/personal) First goal met!


    On March 1, I said I wanted to lose 6 lbs by the end of the month.  In the first week, I went to my Remicade treatment, and the scale read 310 lbs.  So I needed 10 lbs to get under 300, which was my first weight loss goal of the season.   …

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(writing/personal/advent) Not dead yet!


I seem to use that a lot as a title.  That’s not a good thing.   But I’m not dead, and I’m still writing.  I’ve finished the first draft of Winter’s Secrets, which is the rewrite of the first Advent blog story.   I’m letting it marinate until April, when I’m going to do my …

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(advent) Today’s wordcount!

      986 words on Secrets, and we’re closing in on the end!  Once I have the rough draft in Scrivener, then I print it out, do my first round of revisions, and then send it off to the editor!  

(personal/writing/depression) It’s been a long winter.

I know, it’s still a long way until spring, but seriously, I feel like I’m trapped in George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones world.  Between the depression and the SAD and the god-awful snow (seriously, there’s been like 60 inches of snow in the past month!), I feel like I’m smothered in cotton.  So what …

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(personal/writing) Distractions, part 2

I am thinking a lot about multitasking.  I am always thinking about multitasking, because there is always so much to do.  I really, really miss being a child at this point, because I could spend an entire afternoon sitting on the floor, reading.  Or watching the clouds.  Or sewing.  And there was NOTHING else that …

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(personal/writing) Thinking about time management

In a way, I’m lucky.  My day job doesn’t come home with me.  I go in, I deal with people, and I go home.  It’s not something that I can bring home, nor is it something that I have to really schedule (lucky me, my day is scheduled for me).  So articles about how to …

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(writing/personal) The first blog post of the new year

  Happy New Year, everyone!  Sorry I disappeared after the end of Advent – the holidays overwhelmed me, and I just couldn’t bring myself to write, never mind blog.  But I hope everyone enjoyed this year’s Advent, and I promise, it’s not the last.   For those who may not know (I know I have …

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(advent) December 25

Thursday, December 25 Molly had awoken early, the habit of years, and had slipped from the bed without awakening Drew. Schrodinger was sleeping in a pile with Lily, Zoey and Jack in one of the guest rooms; Molly peeked in the room, but they were all still asleep as well. So she went downstairs, made …

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(advent) December 24

Wednesday, December 24 “Drew! Can you get the door, please?” Molly called, slicing up another loaf of homemade bread. The doorbell pealed again, and Molly heard footsteps hurrying to the front door. She wondered again where Schrodinger was – she hadn’t seen the CrossCat in at least an hour, and it wasn’t like him to …

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(advent) December 23

Tuesday, December 23 Molly was up and sitting in the armchair by the window when Caliban came to collect her the next morning. Despite everything, she’d actually slept well, probably a residual effect of the drug he’d used on her. That didn’t stop her from glaring at him when he came in the room. “Coming …

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