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(metrics/writing) Not dead. Just writing ghosts, that’s all.

I’ve been absent.  Sorry about that.  Life has been…well, it’s been life.  But I have been writing!  I even have metrics for today!


Starting Count: 0

Ending Count: 1421

New words: 1421

Starting line:

“Jesus Christ, Sapph, what the hell are you doing?”


Ending line:

A shudder walked across my skin at that thought.



“Car’s fine,” David said, opening his door and shattering my concentration, sending whatever I’d been about to remember fleeing into the recesses of my brain. I scowled at him as he slid back into the car. “What?”


Things we’ve learned: Sapph and David are so not playing well together.  And Sapph travels in tailored pants and silk blouses.


More later!