(health/eating) Revelations

Not the book from the Bible, but my own personal revelations as I continue to work on my eating and exercise habits.  I’m discovering that left to my own devices, I’ll eat pretty healthy, but there are some major roadblocks I still fall into:

1. Preplanning

I suck at this.  Actually, the part I suck at is translating the paper plans to actual activity.  A big part of both being gluten-free and paleo is the need to really get things done in advance, so you aren’t caught unawares.  Yeah, that’s the part I’m having to work on now, because wow, I tend to just go, and then realize that hey, I haven’t eaten in six hours and my blood sugar is dropping like a rock.  Considering that I was diagnosed with possible diabetes two months ago, this is NOT a good thing.  I really need to get into the whole packing my lunch, making dinner and making sure I have enough snacks along the way.  Especially on weekends.  Because most fast food makes me sick now.

2. Sleep

This is another one that I’m working on.  My relationship with sleep is complicated, not just because of the fibromyalgia but because I’m a night owl living in a morning lark world, and sometimes my brain just refuses to shut up.  The new bed we just got is definitely helping (OMG, going from a 20+-year-old innerspring mattress to a brand new memory foam one is amazing), but I’m still struggling with the “No, we cannot stay up until 3 am and then sleep until 10 am,” because I don’t really get anything DONE after about 11 pm.  So I’m up, watching Criminal Minds.  Or playing Mahjong on the computer.  SO not helpful.  Again, something I need to work on.

3. Sweets

The good news is that as I continue to cut added sugar out of my diet, my sweet tooth is getting less large.  But it’s still there.  Sweet and salty is my doom – give me a bag of potato chips or corn chips and a jar of Nutella, and I’m done.  I love popsicles, and I like ice cream.  I just have to keep reminding myself that in moderation, it’s okay.  Especially if they’re things I make myself.  But damn, sometimes it’s hard….

4. Time

There’s never enough time.  NEVER.  Sunday was awesome, because I sat and sewed and listened to people talk and didn’t need to do anything.  I ignored the dishes in the sink, the food I should have been making, everything.  I didn’t go inside to write.  Still don’t know (as of the time of this writing) if the Red Sox won.  Didn’t do any copyediting or proofreading.  Ignored my phone.  It was lovely.  But I so rarely get that anymore.  I think, after September, I’m taking like a month off from doing stuff for other people.  Maybe.  If I can.


I need to remember that this is a journey.  It’s not a destination.  I won’t wake up one morning and say, “Woohoo, I’m healthy!  Now, next thing!”  It’s a lifestyle change I’m making, and I know it takes a while to work everything into the right spots.  I can only do what I can do.  But darn it all, as a perfectionist, that’s just not good enough for me….

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2 thoughts on “(health/eating) Revelations

  1. Linda

    I empathize with you, Val. Hugs! It gets easier as time goes by. You’ll find yourself reaching automatically for the right stuff. When you think of what to have for dinner, your brain doesn’t even go to the stuff you shouldn’t eat. My current struggle is getting exercise to the point where I just do it out of habit. 🙂

    1. Val Post author

      I’m already noticing that! Going and looking in the fridge, and realizing the homemade pickles or the green pepper strips are more appetizing than, say, the chips in the pantry. I’m still having to deal with my ice cream/popsicle addiction, but I’m working on it!

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