(friday flash) The Storm

The air writhed, drenched in rain and split into jagged pieces by sharp flashes of lightning. Howling winds tore at the branches, pulling leaves from the trees like a spoiled child bent on destroying anything it could get its hands on. Ozone coated her tongue as she tasted the storm, and she smiled.


She loved a good storm.


Defying common sense and the half-hearted shouts of the men behind her, she leapt out of the cave into the night. Wing joints snapped audibly, cracks of thunder in the night as she took to the sky, reveling in her freedom.


Lightning snaked around her, rippling across her skin, a lover’s caress. She called to the storm, wheeling amid the winds and daring it to follow her as she tore across the landscape. Lesser mortals cowered in their hovels, but she gloried in the power of the night and the limitless freedom the storm held.


The storm reached for her, fingers of ice and rain wielding scourges of chained lightning that flickered across her back as she flew. Pain and pleasure twined together around her as he chased her, his winds calling seductively from deep within the heart of the clouds.


She turned back towards him, diving into the core of the storm, feeling the air bunch around, draw her in deeper and deeper towards the heart. Breaking through the final barrier of swirling winds, she floated in the calm at the eye of the storm, lightning washing over her from every side, filling her with more energy than she could ever use.


He carried her along with him for miles, over valleys and forests, farms and cities. Then, with the last bit of his strength, he laid her gently on the sand to sleep as he headed out over the sea. Her head pillowed on a pile of soft seaweed, she let the lapping of the waves lull her to sleep.


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