(personal/goals) The Pursuit of Knowledge

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I’ve been thinking a lot about knowledge lately, in the aftermath of the attacks in Kenya, Paris, Lebanon, and Mali, among others. I’ve been listening to all the calls for war, for peace, for understanding, for hatred, and I’ve been trying to sort out what I know and what I don’t.


I know that not all people are terrorists, no matter their religion. I know most people of the world decry these actions, and want to see peace in their lifetime. But I don’t KNOW about the religions/philosophies they follow. Not as much as I want to.


So I’ve set a goal for myself for the next 13 months. I’m going to read all the religious/philosophical books I can get my hands on. I’m going to educate myself. And I’ll probably be commenting on the blog here as I do. I’m still trying to decide what to start with – it will either be the Bible, the Koran, or the Torah (as I’ve got copies of them all on my Kindle). This is the rest of my list so far:

– The Books of Mormon

– The Havamal

– The White Goddess

– Arcadia

– The Bhagavita Gita

– The Art of Peace

– The Tao te Ching

– The IChing

– The Tipitaka

– A Course of Miracles

– Dhammapada


Anything else I should read? Any suggestions? Want to join me?

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