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(advent) December 13

winter tea

Sunday, December 13

Molly paused at the top of the stairs and let the music wash over her. Once again, Father Christopher had brought his choir to CrossWinds Books for the annual Christmas Concert, and once again, the lovely Mareesh girl Starsha was the centerpiece. As Molly stepped into the room (moving carefully, since the room was packed and she was carrying a full carafe of hot water), Starsha’s clear voice floated up over the choir. People moved aside as Molly made her way to the table she and Aunt Margie had set up against the wall, where it was filled with all sorts of handheld goodies. She replaced the large carafe that was almost empty with her full one, and then went back downstairs to refill it.

When she came back up, she took a few moments to look around. It seemed like most of the Cove was crowded into the top floor of the bookstore. She finally spotted Pavel, standing behind one of the armchairs. Seated in the armchair was the woman that she assumed was his mother.

Ella Chekhov was small, as Drew had said, and she was knitting steadily as she listened to the choir. Her silver hair was wound around her head in an elaborate braided crown, strands of darker brown threading through the braids, and her dark eyes were relaxed, calm, not at all what Molly had expected. Schrodinger was lying at her feet on one of his big cat beds, and Molly wondered who he’d bribed to bring it up the stairs for him. And what he had promised them.

Pavel offered, Schrodinger told her, sounding slightly offended. Well, after his mother asked me if I needed anything.

I knew there was more to it, Molly told him silently, smiling. What do you think of her?

Schrodinger’s voice changed to thoughtful. I like her, he said after a moment. She’s very much like Pavel, and yet she’s softer, kinder. There’s steel in her, though. I would not want to cross her. You can feel it in her.

Molly didn’t doubt it. Drew had told her how Ella had handled her son at the Gate station, and from the competent way she held her knitting, she was clearly someone who knew what she wanted, and how to get it. That didn’t quite follow with what Pavel had told them about how his grandfather had dominated her, but perhaps she’d simply learned there was more than one way to get things done.

The song ended, with Starsha’s voice throbbing on the last note, and everyone applauded.

Father Christopher stepped to the front, and said, “Intermission, folks. I need to make sure these voices get some lubrication, and I noticed Molly just refilled the tea carafe.” He cleared his throat. “I’m a little parched too. Directing these amazing singers is thirsty business.” Everyone laughed at that.

Molly took advantage of the lull to slip over to Pavel’s side. He gave her a hug and leaned down. “Mother, this is Molly Barrett, Drew’s wife.”

“The amazing Molly! Who cooked that lovely dinner that Pavel served me last night!” Ella put down her knitting (after finishing the row, of course), and reached up to take Molly’s hand. “I have been looking forward to meeting you, my dear. I’ve heard such amazing things about you!”

Molly blushed. “I’m sure Pavel’s been exaggerating,” she said, pressing the older woman’s hands in her own. “But I’ve wanted to meet you as well.”

“I never exaggerate about you,” Pavel protested. “You’re amazing and wonderful, and make the most magical things ever in your kitchen.”

I’m afraid I agree with Pavel, Schrodinger chimed in. You’re amazing, Molly.

“You guys are going to give me an oversized ego, and then I’ll never get back into my kitchen,” Molly told them, blushing even harder. “I’m just a kitchen witch.”

“There’s no just about it, Molly,” Ella said firmly. “The kitchen is the heart of a house, and you, my dear, are the heart of your kitchen. Without a heart, the body dies. Don’t sell yourself short.” She grimaced. “Too many others are willing to do it for you, trust me.”

Pavel nudged Molly, and she turned to find him holding another one of the armchairs. “Sit,” he told her. “You can take a load off for a bit, and visit.”

She took the chair gratefully, and thanked him, then turned back to his mother. “So you liked the casserole?” she asked. “I know it was simple, but I thought—”

“It was lovely,” Ella interrupted her. “Sometimes, the simplest food is the best.” Then she leaned forward and said conspiratorially, “But I would love the recipe. I would be willing to trade for it.”

“Absolutely!” Molly said, eyes bright. “I’d love to talk recipes with you!”

“Ask her for her braided bread recipe,” Pavel said, and Ella smiled.

“That was always your favorite, wasn’t it? We made it every Christmas, and Pavel would beg for just one more piece.” Her eyes went misty, back to another time. “Your grandmother taught me to make that when I was just a girl.”

Pavel looked uncomfortable. “I didn’t know it was her recipe.”

“It’s been passed down in our family for a long time.” Ella gave him a sharp sideways look under her eyelashes. “I’ll have to pass it along to Molly, since it’s highly unlikely you’ll bring a wife home before I’m gone.”

Both Molly and Schrodinger chuckled as Pavel’s face went even more uncomfortable.

“It’s a good recipe,” Ella continued, ignoring his discomfort. “Full of raisins, which are a luxury on our little island, and orange rind. My mother used to bring the oranges home with her on her last voyage of the year, before we celebrated.” She sighed. “It was harder to get them after she left, but I always managed. It’s not Christmas without the braided bread.”

“It sounds lovely,” Molly told her. “You’re welcome to come into the kitchen at any time, and we can trade recipes. I’m always looking for new ones.”

Ella smiled at her, then turned to Pavel. “Can you get me a cup of tea, Pavel? I’m a little thirsty.”

“Of course!” Pavel hurried over to the table.

“And a scone!” Ella called after him. Then she turned to Molly. “Thank goodness. I was afraid all he was going to do was hover over me.”

“He missed you,” Molly said quietly. “He doesn’t always talk about his family, but I could tell that he missed you terribly.”

“I just wish…” Ella’s voice trailed off, and she sighed. “I wish there wasn’t as much of his grandfather in him as there is.”

“You want him to meet his grandmother,” Molly said. It wasn’t a question.

“Yes. More than that, she wants to meet him.” Ella looked over at her tall son, who had been stopped by Mr. Gray, and was now talking animatedly to the man. “The last time she saw him, he was barely two. She’d come by to get some of her things, and to drop off Christmas presents. My father was out at sea, so she dared to come. He was so mad when he found out, but what could he do? Other than ban her from the island.” She shook her head. “And not even I could change his mind. Pavel never knew how much she missed him. How much she still does.”

Molly’s heart ached. “You want me to help persuade him to go?”

Ella swallowed. “I don’t want to drag you into our family mess,” she said.

“Pavel is family to us,” Molly told her, reaching out again to take the older woman’s hand. “That means you’re family too. And I don’t want to see either of you unhappy.”

Ella squeezed her hand gratefully.

“You’re coming to dinner on Tuesday, yes?” Molly asked her, as Pavel rejoined them.

“I cannot wait,” Ella said, accepting the delicate tea cup that her son handed her. “Pavel said we are bringing wine?”

“Yes, for goose.” Molly looked at Pavel. “You haven’t forgotten, have you?”

“Um, no, of course not!” Pavel said, grinning.

“Which means he told that nice Mr. Strange,” Ella said tartly. “And he will take care of it.”

“That’s what first mates do. Isn’t that what you were telling me yesterday?” Pavel said.

“And you listened? Well, that’s a first,” Ella said, and Molly grinned.

Before she could say anything, Father Christopher clapped his hands, drawing the attention back to himself, and the second half of the concert started. Schrodinger managed to climb up into Molly’s lap, and curled up, snuggling with her. The music washed over them, and Molly forgot her worries for a bit, enjoying herself. This was what Christmas should be, she thought contentedly: good music, good friends, and a warm CrossCat in her lap.

Agreed, Schrodinger said.

“Your grandmother would love to hear that,” Ella said afterwards, as Pavel helped her put her coat on.

He winced, but Molly said, “Oh? Does she like music?”

“She sings like an angel,” Ella said. “And she used to sing while I would do my schoolwork.” She looked up at her son sadly. “I wish you would change your mind, Pavel.”

“You ask a lot, Mother,” he said, shaking his head. “I don’t know if I can do what you ask.”

Schrodinger asked, looking at him. I can’t imagine not wanting to know about her.

“I’m not a CrossCat,” Pavel said, but not unkindly. “And I know about her.”

“No, you know what your grandfather wanted you to know,” Ella said. “And he was hardly an impartial person.” She held up a hand to forestall Pavel’s objection. “No, no more. I don’t want to fight with you. I will not ask you again.” She smiled at Molly. “Thank you, Molly. Thank you for all your hospitality.”

“You haven’t seen the half of it,” Molly said, impulsively kissing the older woman on the cheek. Ella’s skin was weathered under her soft lips. “Just wait until you come out to the farm.”

“I cannot wait,” Ella said. “And Pavel said the entire town lights up!”

It does! Schrodinger assured her. Make him take you in the sleigh!

“I had planned on it,” Pavel told him. “Tomorrow night, when it snows.”

“Will it snow tomorrow night?” Molly said. “I haven’t had a chance to check the forecast.”

Pavel winked at her. “I’ve been assured it will, by a very reliable source,” he said. “Just enough to be atmospheric, and give the sleigh a good base.”

“Convenient to be friends with Old Man Winter and the Snow Queen, isn’t it?” Molly teased him.

“Sometimes,” he agreed.

Molly turned back to Ella. “You’ll stay through Christmas?”

“I don’t know,” Ella said, not really looking at her son. “I might go on to my mother’s for Christmas eve.”

“I think you should,” Molly said. “But at least stay through the Snow Queen’s ball. You won’t want to miss that.”

“We’ll see.” Ella hugged Molly, and then reached down to hug Schrodinger as well, then turned to Pavel. “Come on, these old bones want to get back to that lovely chair you bought. And perhaps have something a bit stronger than tea.” She winked at Molly. “Sometimes, you need something a bit more to warm up, eh?”

I definitely like her, Schrodinger said later, as Molly washed dishes in the kitchen. Now, how to get Pavel to agree to visit his grandmother?

“I don’t know,” Molly said. “But we’ll think of something. We always do.”

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