(personal) Home again

black cats


I’m mourning my black kitty today. Sebastian got out Wednesday night, and although Brian found him Saturday night, he was frightening dehydrated and died early Monday morning. Sadly, before I got home from ConCarolinas.


It’s been a pretty sucky year for me in terms of death. My grandmother died in August 2015, my mother died in March 2016, and now Sebastian. I’m done. Seriously.


So I’m taking some time to be by myself. I need to mourn, and I need to get back to remembering the good times. I’ll still be writing, and there are more blog posts coming up, but I might be scarce on social media for a bit.

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One thought on “(personal) Home again

  1. sue

    Take all the time you need. Know that we are here if you need anything. You are loved. I’m so sorry that you’ve had so much pain in such a short time. Hugs.

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