Names from the List of Witnesses Signatory to Murad I’s 1365 Vakfiye


This article contains the names of forty men who signed the vakif in 1365 of Murad I. A vakif,or waqf as it is called now, was a document that endows property to a religious institution. There are both Christian and ex-Christian names included in the signatories, showing that the early Ottoman empire had made use of both religions in the areas it had conquered.

Note on Special Characters

These names have been transliterated from an Arabic script using the conventions of modern Turkish. In the modern Turkish system, the sound of the letter I depends on whether or not it is dotted. In this article, stands for a dotted letter I, and I stands for the undotted letter. More information about the Turkish alphabet and the Ottoman script is available here.

Name Structure

These names are constructed using an Arabic-style patronymic, in which the given name is followed by bin, meaning “son of.”

Waqf Contributors

Abdul-lah bin Beker Beg
Abda bin Şikari
Umur bin Bulduk(?)

Baybars bin Nüsret

Ahmed Çavuş el-Bevvah

Kutlu Beg bin ‘Abdullah

Bengar Beg bin Alo(?)

ʻAbdullah Beg bin Hamza

Pazarlu bin Dimitroz(?)

Şirin Hamza bin ʻAbdullah

Haci Sungur(?) al-Hadim

Musa bin Haydar

Begbars bin el-Katib

Ȋlyaz bin Parzarlu

Cafer bin Pulad

Haci Evroz (Evrenoz?) bin Çemiski

Sara-jeddin bin Osman

Haci Mustafa bin Mehmed

ʻAli bin Ȋsmail el-Muhtesib

Haci Hizir bin Mehmed

Haci Ȋbrahim bin Hasan el-Bezzaz

Şerefeddin bin ʻAbdullah

Salih bin Halil

Fettah bin ʻAbdullah

Ȋlyas bin Halil

Ȋlyas bin Mustafa

Haci Emirhan bin Rakh(?)

Hasan bin Sabuni(?)

Mehmed bin Süleyman

ʻAbdulaziz bin ʻAbdulgafar

Haci bin Ömer

Mahmud bin ʻAbdullah

Haci Hasan bin ʻAbdullah

Haci Sadeddin bin Haci Mehmed Fakih(?)

Haci Pulad bin Emirahor

ʻAli bin Nukud al-na-ib

Umur Beg bin Koskos/Kosfos(?) Subaşi

Hevace Osman bin Emire Mehmed



Main Source

Gökbilgin, “Murad I” (1953), pg. 233, found in The Nature of the Early Ottoman State, by Heath W. Lowry, (published by State University of New York Press, Albany, 2003)

Other Sources

“Murad I”, Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Ursula Georges, “Sixteenth-Century Ottoman Names.”



By Valerie Ford, alias Lady Cassandra Hobbes



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