Wednesday words (personal/writing)

I adore black cats.

It’s Wednesday! This is my off day, and because it’s a weekday, it tends to be my “OMGIneedtorunalltheerrands!” day. Not this week. I’m taking a day to myself, because this weekend is wedding #2 (last weekend was wedding #1), and I’ve got farther to drive for this one. Dad and I are heading down to Pennsylvania! Send me enough good vibes that I make it through.

So today, I’m doing laundry, maybe a bit of writing (although I don’t know) and resting. There’s probably going to be some World of Warcraft later. There’s definitely going to be work on Conri’s trim, but mostly, today is the day to scale Mt. Doom – I mean, Mt. Laundry. That means that I get to listen to podcasts! I’m working my way through several, including Living with the Gods and A Pagan Heart in Maine. We’ll see what today’s playlist holds.

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