(metrics) Day 27, and more secrets

Secret project, that is. I’m having a lot of fun with it, and blew nearly through the first part tonight in about an hour. 30 minutes of writing, and over 1k! I really do well when I have the right mindset.

And that’s what this 365 days of writing is all about, the right mindset. Going in and getting the writing done, and enjoying it.

Starting Count: 357
Ending Count: 1695
Net Gain: +1338
Current NaNo count: 25952
Current Word YTD count: 27571
Val’s Tea Fund: $6

Starting line:
“Oh?” Molly put the bowl in front of him and then made her own breakfast. “Then for who? Lily?”

Ending line:
Margie Barrett stood in the doorway to the kitchen, a delighted smile on her face as she listened to the music. “I haven’t heard this version in years,” she said, coming in and accepting the cup of tea Molly poured for her. “Where did you get it?”

Losing herself in the familiar rhythms of baking, Molly hummed along with Bing Crosby’s White Christmas, plaiting the red and white dough into twists and shaping them into candy canes. Only when the first batch of cookies was in the ovens and she had a steaming mug of chocolate spice tea in her hand did she look at the envelope again.

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