(metrics) More words for Advent

Starting Count: 1715
Ending Count: 3517
Net Gain: + 1802
Current Word MTD count: 2235

Starting line:
“Oh?” Molly spared a glance down, smiling at his enthusiasm. “And what do you want for Christmas?” It had to be something good, giving the way his tail twitched excitedly. His tail always gave him away.

Ending line:
“Then we’ll see,” Drew said. “He looks like the only thing he wants to be in right now is a bed.”

“When I was younger, much younger, I spent a summer getting notes from SA.” Marge tapped the paper. “My secret admirer was very charming, and very persistent. It was summer, so his notes came wrapped around flower stems.” She smiled, remembering. “It took me forever to figure out who it was.”

“And what did you do when you did?” Molly asked.

“I married him,” Marge said. “And I have never regretted it. Well, almost never.” She winked at Molly. “There are times when I wonder, but never for long.”

I know, I’ve been quiet lately. I’ve been really busy. But I’m getting back into writing, slowly, and I’m recommitting to it. I have to. Otherwise, I’ll go mad.

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