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I’ve been doing morning pages for five days now over on www.750words.com and I’m starting to see the results already.  Morning pages are something that Julia Cameron talks about in The Artist’s Way, which I highly recommend – basically, it’s a brain dump of writing, just writing anything for 15 minutes, or 3 pages, or (in this case) 750 words.  The big thing is that you don’t stop writing.  No self-censoring, no changing things and no stopping.  It’s very good for getting the garbage out before you write.

Today, while I was writing, I saw a commercial for Jif peanut butter.  Really.  It’s a father and his daughter building a tree house for her.  And I realized that my dream writing place, the place I would build if I had unlimited funds, would be a tree house.

A little two-room tree house (the main room and a bathroom – trust me, I would need a bathroom.), with stairs, not a ladder, leading up to the front door.  Wide, spiral steps, to a front door with a cat door put into it. In the main room, there will be a braided rug on the floor.  A small wood stove in one corner will keep me warm in the winter.   Next to the wood stove is a comfy chair with a reading lamp and a cozy crocheted blanket.  A small table is next to it, perfect for a cup of tea and a sandwich.  My desk is across the room – not a huge desk, just big enough.  Under a window, so I can look out.  Of course, there is electricity and internet.  It’s perfect.

I’m totally giving this room to one of my characters – I’m not sure which one yet, but someday, if you read a description of a tree house, you’ll know where it came from.

So, here’s a question for you – if you had unlimited funds, what would YOUR perfect writing spot be?

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