(personal/to-do) Three day weekends rock!

I love three-day weekends, because I can do something Saturday, and Sunday just relax, then do more stuff on Monday and still not stress.  Yesterday was my writer’s group, and I got some really good feedback on my stuff.  More on that later.  But today, as it’s so freaking cold out, I’m going to snuggle in here at home, do some sewing and some other stuff, and enjoy what would normally be my Saturday.  Because I don’t have to go to work tomorrow!

But I do have a list of things I need to do today, so I’ll list them here:

– Finish my underdress for Birka

– Do dishes currently in the sink

– Clean off the kitchen counters (and put away everything that I don’t use on a regular basis into storage)

– Mop the kitchen floor

– Make a food plan for the week

– Make cranberry almond bread

– Make pasta for the week

– Try waffles from new cookbook

– Put away laundry in living room

– Fix vacuum cleaner

– Make new business cards for Argus

– Vacuum living room

– World of Warcraft

– 385 words each day on Forgiven


Yeah, it looks like a lot, but I really think it’s a good plan for the weekend.  So now, I post it, and then I start sewing.


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