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Starting Word Count: 6966
Ending Word Count: 7568
New Words: 602

Starting Lines:
“That happened in the crash?” I wondered how fast she’d been going when she hit the tree.

Ending Lines:
It hadn’t been; Marguerite herself came out to apologize for the lack. “It usually comes around 9 am, but for some reason, it’s late today,” she said, putting the glass of juice in front of me. “I’ve put a call in to Neil, asking him to bring in a few copies when he comes in. He should be here soon.” She smiled down at us. “Now, what would you like for breakfast?”

The oak table, scarred by generations of diners, dominated the room. It was lit by a stunning silver chandelier, and our chairs faced the large bay windows that looked out over a formal garden. Two places had been set with sturdy stoneware plates and mugs, and a thermal carafe was set between the settings. David reached for it hungrily, even though I knew he’d already had at least one cup of coffee in his room. I’d woken up to the aroma wafting in through the connecting bathroom.


Finished Chapter 1, and on to Chapter 2.  Also, apparently I didn’t have the word count widget set up right in Scrivener.  Oops.  Still, 7.5k isn’t bad.

Sapph is NOT going to be happy when she finally gets that newspaper, let me tell you.

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