Blessed Beltane to you all!

It’s a wet Beltane, but that’s a good thing – we need the rain, and it smells green and growing outside.  I spent my Beltane at the hospital, getting a Remicade treatment, and I slept through it.  I’m so tired!  But so much has happened in the past week, I’m not surprised!

I’m now officially a member of Dark Knights Paranormal, a member of the TAPS family of ghost investigators, and I did my first OFFICIAL investigation with them this weekend.  That meant I got in at 5 am on Sunday, and managed to scratch my eye taking my contact out.  Wow, an auspicious beginning. 😉

Tonight, I’m going to have a little to-do list, and I don’t know that I’ll get through it all.  Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

To-Do on a Rainy Beltane:

– Put away folded laundry in living room

– Fold laundry in dining room and put away

– 100 pages on beta read

– Daily Pages

– Make bbq sauce for tomorrow’s dinner

– Make lunch for tomorrow

Yeah, that’s a good list.

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