Word Count Metrics

Starting Count: 25401
Ending Count: 27182
Net Gain: +1781

Starting line:
“Odd place for Death to hang out,” Amy said, turning back to her companion. Nikki was leaning back, a look of peace on her pale face, and Amy envied her for a moment.

Ending line:
“I can’t let Shanna let anyone escape,” Justin said, his hands starting to glow.

Justin laughed. “I would, but I’ve been in this warded cell for three weeks. And my requests for access to my Facebook page have been denied, for some reason. I’m horribly behind on all the gossip.”


I keep forgetting that I really should be posting things here, and not just at the LiveJournal blog.  Sorry!  A habit of 5 years is hard to break!

I will be posting more here, especially once we get the podcast going.  Look for some more stuff here soon.

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