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  1. Heather Way

    Not sure where I am suppose to put this for Mistletoe Madness Blog Hop

  2. Lt.A.P. Wyman

    how is it that you are my communications company but not one employee has ever returned a call in ten years when they promise to, just what definition of communication are you useing,on thur im emailed my balance is 4305.00 BUT MY VERIZON READS 464. AND WHEN I QUESTION IT NO ONE WANTS TO LISTEN OR LOOK AT THE EMAIL OR ADMIT THAT THERES A PROBLEM IM TIRED OF BEING IGNORED.if you cant take the time to answer me or keep your promises to return a call when promised then i cant keep my side of my commitment to you,you have a commitment to me as well as i to you,i will not pay you another red cent till someone from corporate returns my call….not a call center supervisor with deaf ears…….

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