The Books

I’m a writer, and I’ve got a few books out.  I write both fiction and non-fiction, and both are available.

Non-fiction books here

The Dark Horseman series

Short Fiction

Carter’s Cove

2 thoughts on “The Books

  1. Lee Balling/Beatrice Lilli (SCA)

    Hi Val, I have a 3 quart can of Hot Fudge Sundae sauce. Is this something that could be worked in the Baronial Birthday? Coctail Chocolate hour? It says to serve at 140 degree temp. maybe a crock pot or? it says a warmer? I have one of those little dip warmers and a smallish crock pot. Anyway its more than we could ever get rid of so we have never opened it. I would love to donate it if it could be used.? Beatrice Lilli aka Lee Balling

    1. admin Post author

      Sure! Just be sure to bring the can, so we can know what’s in it. Sounds yummy and we can work that into the Cocktails and Chocolate hour!

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