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(writing) Space opera is surprisingly intricate


Art by Deviant Artist sdavis75


I’m working on Seeds again today, and I found this lovely piece of art to inspire me. While it’s not precisely what The Frontier looks like, but it’s very close, and I can see this beauty sailing the Cosmic Web. Today was a lot of figuring out the gods and magic and the history of the empire – turns out that they’re refugees from Earth (I know, shocking, right?) but that their gods are the Greek Gods. Who decided after that whole Trojan War debacle that humans really shouldn’t have the gods interfering in anything. But they’ve left Essences behind, and the humans can use that to do all sorts of fascinating things.


I’ll have more later, but right now, I’m off to look at some things in the studio. I’m doing my morning pages again, and making all sorts of plans for Ravencon. Will I see you in Richmond in April?