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(metrics) a day behind…

I wrote last night, but it was on the big computer, so I had to wait until I got downstairs to post them. Trust me, otherwise it screws my numbers up.

Taking a few days off from Last Rites to work on something new. Something fun. Something you might see kind of soon.

Starting Count: 0
Ending Count: 357
Net Gain: +357
Current NaNo count: 25952
Current Word YTD count: 26233
Val’s Tea Fund: $5

Starting line:
Merry Christmas!

Ending line:
CrossCats had some interesting dietary needs, but she loved the companionship he gave, and so mixing beef kidneys, grape jelly and grass in a bowl wasn’t as much of a hardship as she’d once thought it might be.

“Lily is four and Jack is a half bluetick hound, half German Shepard mix,” Molly said, heaving the 28 lbs of CrossCat off her chest with both hands. She stretched and then continued, “You’re sure you want to take their advice on this?”