(health/food/personal) A new week, and more food!

Happy Monday, folks!  I think I’ve FINALLY got this cold on the run – I actually took Saturday off and RESTED.  Well, I wrote, but I could do that from the couch.  Sunday I felt so much better!  Ate real food, did chores, and wrote.


This is going to be a good food week.  I’m finally able to take all my meds and supplements.  I’m able to eat and taste my food (I hate that about being sick).  And I have such good food to eat!


Sunday Mom, Lily and I went to the Nottingham Orchard, where we got a bag of lovely little Cortland apples and a 1/2 gallon of fresh cider.  Then we went to the farmer’s market in Nottingham, where I got hickory-smoked honey, a head of hickory-smoked garlic, fresh dried beans, fresh pears (Seckels, Patterns and Lucious), some heirloom apples to try, another jar of leaf lard (FINALLY!) and a big beef soup bone.  Picked up eggs on the way home, so I can have some baked goods that I can eat.  So here’s the menu for dinner this week:

Monday – homemade baked beans and pork chops

Tuesday – roasted winter squash stuffed with broccoli-cheese sausage stuffing

Wednesday – eggplant pizzas

Thursday – salmon with roasted potatoes and roasted broccoli

Friday – Teriakyi chicken thighs, garlic green beans and sweet potato fries


We’re doing exercise this week too, once again.  Swimming Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  My knees are complaining, because I’m carrying too much weight on them, so I need to start slow.  I’ll be walking every day at work for my lunch break.  I am NOT being this heavy come the spring.  Hell, I’m not being this heavy come Christmas!


Don’t you wish you lived at my house?

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