(health/food) Slowly getting back to it

Cons screw me up – even when I go in trying to be healthy, I always seem to end up sick.  Bleah.  This last week has been super busy as well, so it’s no wonder I ended up with con-crud and all sorts of headaches.  That’s why I went to bed early last night, with lunch already packed.


We had rotisserie chicken for dinner Sunday, and we had one left over, so that’s what lunch is today: rotisserie chicken, the last half of a stuffed apple (thank you, Mom!) and roasted sweet potatoes.  In the refrigerator is garlic and cheese sausage that’s thawing and will be stuffed into butternut squash that I’m going to roast tonight when I get home.  And there will be homemade chicken soup later in the week.  I love fall.



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