(personal/writing/resolutions) It’s a new year

And with the new year, I love to do resolutions.  Usually I do wildly optimistic resolutions that fall (mostly) flat after a month.  So this year, I’m going to do what I consider to be realistic resolutions.

1. I resolve to take care of myself.

This sounds like it should be a no-brainer, but it’s something I’m surprisingly bad at.  I love to stay up late, I hate getting up early, I love to read but not to exercise, I suck at taking my medications on time, and quite frankly, I tend to be lazy in terms of cooking good food for myself.  I’m not going to fix this overnight, or even in one year, but I’m going to get better on this, especially on the meds, the exercise and the food front.  With my issues (including Crohn’s Disease, degenerative arthritis and gluten allergies), these are the big ones.

2. I resolve to enjoy life more.

Life is far too short to be unhappy.  I don’t want to be unhappy.  So part of taking care of myself is doing things that I enjoy, that bring me happiness, and that make my life and the life of those around me better.  Which may  mean less going out and more time around the house, but that’s okay.  I want to make my house a place that both hubby and I can love to come home to.

3. I resolve to write more.

This is a definitely.  I’m looking forward to blogging on a regular basis, writing and self-publishing some short stories (12 this year), finishing the first draft of at least 3 novels, and editing and polishing at least 3 more.  I’ll do another blog later that’s just the writing schedule for the year.


Those are my resolutions for 2014.  What about yours?

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