(personal) Life: 1, Val: 0

It’s been that kind of week.  Hell, it’s been that kind of couple of weeks.


Let’s see.  First of all, my hubby was laid off last week.  Then, my great-uncle died.  That was last week.  I thought, okay, I can handle this.  After all, I’m still employed full-time.  He’ll find another job.  I’m feeling better, so we can handle this.


Famous last words.


Sunday night, I suddenly got hit with excruciating pain in my left side.  Like, if there had been a knife handy, I would have been stabbing things out of my side.  I hoped it would get better, but at 10:30 pm, I had hubby drive me to the emergency room.  Five hours and a CT scan later, the verdict was a 4mm kidney stone.  OMFG, I never want pain like that again.


Well, okay, that sucks, but I have until Wednesday off, so I should be okay.  Just pass the stone (won’t get to my great-uncle’s funeral, but oh, well, they know we’d be there in spirit), and then go to work.  Simple, right?  Yeah, right.  The stone is moving, sort of (as of Wednesday morning, it was close to my bladder, so hopefully its gone by now), but the drugs that have helped move it have given me vertigo.  Serious vertigo.  As in, getting up from the couch makes the room spin.  So no work, again, today.  Call the doctor’s office, and they say “Oh, it might take 1-2 days for that to pass.”  Joy of joys.  So much for work this week.


And it’s just now, at 8 pm, that the vertigo has subsided enough for me to look at my computer without puking.  So these words are the only ones I’m getting today.


Tomorrow, we’ll hope, things will be better.  Hopefully.  I’m not saying more than that.

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