(writing/personal) A new week, a new season, a new start

Theoretically, it is now spring.  *pauses for a look at the snowbanks outside*  Theoretically, it’s going to start getting warm any day now.  Too bad no one told Mother Nature that.  Apparently, whoever was supposed to get her a calendar for Yule forgot.  All I know is that it wasn’t me this year.


I’ve had a week.  I’m learning that every week will have an up and a down, at the very least, especially weeks with a Remicade treatment.  But the downs are getting less down, and the ups are starting to get higher.  Which is a good thing.


I’m tired of winter.  I’m tired of white, of sweaters, of cold.  I want it to be warm, to hear the summer birds sing, to smell the sun warming the grass and the flowers.  I want it to be event season.  I want to spend the day in a chair outside, listening to children play and swords clang off armor as I stitch on a new dress or weave trim.  I want it to be summer, but I’ll settle for spring.


In writing news, I’m working on the plot summary for Deep Waters, which is the second Pendragon Casefiles.  I also passed Into Thin Air on to a beta-reader who had no information about the story or the world – and she loved it.  Yay!  The plan is to have the first two novellas written and the third in process by Balticon, so I can release the first one right before it.  I’m very excited about that.


I’m hoping things start looking up soon.  I need some good news, and a change.  Definitely a change.

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