(personal/writing) Working through the grief

The family


The picture above is 4 generations of my family, taken four years ago (I believe). Since then, my grandmother (on the left) passed away two months before her 99th birthday, and just this past Tuesday, my mother passed away, barely 2 months past her 65th birthday.


I won’t lie – it’s been a hard week. My mother fought stage 4 endometrial cancer until the end, and she did not go quietly into that good night. She went out on her terms, though, and before she said good night for the last time (not good bye; she hated good byes), she made me promise a few things.


My mother and father have always been my biggest supporters of my writing, along with my husband. I’m so very lucky to have always had that support. When I announced at age 6 that I was going to be a writer, I didn’t get “Oh, that’s nice, but what do you really want to be?” Instead, I got a typewriter, and my parents read everything I wrote. And saved all of it, as I discovered this week. (Wow, my writing at age 7 was horrible, but at least I knew how to use the word “wretched” properly.) So when Mom asked me to not stop writing, but to keep going, I knew I couldn’t say no.


So there will be more Molly. I’ve promised to make sure my nieces have an Advent story every year. And I’ve started working on the details of the Patreon page I’m going to be starting up. And I’m finishing

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  1. J.A. Marlow

    Lots of hugs! So glad to hear of your mother’s (and family) support. Mother Hen told me the same thing. “Don’t stop writing. Don’t stop going after your dreams. Don’t let fear stop you from doing things like it did to me.”

    Lots of virtual hugs. Glad to hear that the writing will continue. You have our support anytime you need it.


  2. S.L. Lewis

    I know you can keep going, honey, I know you can. *hugs tightly* We’re all here for you and we’re waving the pompoms and making the tea.

    😀 Keep those memories close and you’ll get through this.

  3. Lesley Unger

    A living legacy, Val. (((Hugs)))

  4. connie cockrell

    I’m so sorry for your loss but so glad your family has been so supportive. We’re with you.

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