(writing/personal) Blog tour! Blog tour! Eek!

positive thinking


How do you find time to write? What do you listen to while you write? Where do your ideas come from? Do you have any rituals? What’s your favorite book/author?


These are all the things that are swirling through my mind right now, because I’m starting to work on the blog posts for the blog tour for Winter’s Secrets that’s coming out in May (ohgodohgodohgod). I’m also writing other things, because I’ve got a patreon site going now. In short, there are so many words to write, and there seems to be almost no time to write it all. It’s very exciting, and slightly terrifying.


Which means I need to write. Eek!

2 Responses to “(writing/personal) Blog tour! Blog tour! Eek!”

  1. Snitchcat

    Hahahah! The terrifying thrill of being in the spotlight! I think it’s called stagefright? 😀

  2. Hope

    *cheers you on* You can do it!!

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