(writing) Working on a real schedule


I’ve been kind of wallowing lately in my own depression. I’m very open with the fact that I have depression, and August was a terrible month. I lost two very dear friends in August two years ago (Jesse L Cairns and PG Holyfield), my grandmother died last August, and my mother’s cancer was diagnosed last August as well. Add in that I suffer from seasonal depression anyways, and, well, yeah. Talk about a perfect storm.

I’m also suffering a bit lately from imposter syndrome, and it seems like every time I opened the computer, it bit me in the face so hard that I usually closed the computer back down, or starting playing World of Warcraft. And it’s time that came to an end.

So yesterday, I wrote 2388 words on Winter’s Storms, and today I am back in my studio, writing again. I’ve agreed to a schedule this week with my good buddy Beard, and so Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, I will be in the studio in the morning before work, getting words in. My goal is 500, but I’m hoping for more.

Wednesday is my Remicade treatment, so I will be writing all day (except when I meet my nephew for dinner). This will help set the stage, I hope, to keep myself going.

Look for another chapter today!

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  1. J.A. Marlow

    Lots of hugs! It’s been great to see you back to the writing and in FM chat while you do it. We’ll keep rooting you on! 🙂

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