Healthy attempt number god knows

Ah, January. That wonderful time of the year where everyone wants to get healthy. And yeah, I’m totally one of them.


I really just decided that I wasn’t going to worry about more than getting through the holidays this year. I survived them. I didn’t go over my highest weight from last year, although I got close, and and I got through it. Now, it’s time to work on getting better again.


That means I’m quitting the soda (again), and making sure I take my medications, which to be perfectly honest, I’m terrible at. I’m using my bullet journal to help me keep track of that, and I’ll be updating on this once a month. This month, my goals are simple:

  • Take all my meds for the rest of the month

Seriously, that’s it. I’m aiming for one goal a month, because I know from past experience if I try and do more than that, I get easily overwhelmed and say “Fuck it.” So the goal this month is meds.


What are you doing for your health goals this month?


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  1. Hope

    Yay for one goal at a time! *cheers you on*

    I have a reminder on my phone to take my medication, and I keep it in a weekly pill case, so I can tell at a glance if I have taken it or not, and the pill case lives next to my bed so I can take meds first thing when I wake up.

    I also use the pill cases because I take some meds in the morning and some in the evening – the evening meds live in my purse, so I can take them wherever I happen to be when my phone reminds me to take them. It’s a lot of structure around one habit, which is fine, because it works for me 🙂

    My current health goal is eating low sodium. I’m doing really well with it, although I still hate it. Thankfully I have a lot of help and support 🙂

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