Advent 2021 – December 9

December 9 – Noemi

Molly wasn’t surprised to see the final member of the Terrible Trio, Noemi Miller, take Sue’s place once the cardinal was installed on the tree. Noemi was the quietest of the four of them, but her serene countenance hid a wicked sense of humor. She was a computer specialist and helped, among other things, keep the computers at the Gate Station running. 

“When I got the invite for this, I too knew instinctively which ornament I wanted to give,” Noemi said. “I wasn’t born here, but I might as well have been, since we moved here when I was two. My earliest memories are of this town, and the amazing people who make it up. There’s just something about Carter’s Cove that calls you back, even if you leave for a bit.”

What does she mean? Schrodinger asked. Where did she go?

“College, in New York City,” Molly said. “She got a full scholarship to Barnard, and it was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up. I’m glad she came back, though.”

Me too! Otherwise, I wouldn’t have gotten to meet her!

Noemi held up her ornament, and Molly nodded to herself. The grey clouds wrapped around them.

Is this NYC? Schrodinger asked her, when the clouds cleared. 

“Yes. This is where the college is located.” Molly looked around the bustling crowds and colorful decorations. “It’s called Morningside Heights, near Harlem. There’s an amazing pastry shop, and we went there when we visited her. Among other places.” 

It’s busy. But I like it! Schrodinger sounded as if he were surprised.

“It’s busy,” Molly agreed. “But it’s fun for short visits.”

She watched as Past-Molly and her three friends walked down the street, arm-in-arm, as snowflakes drifted down from the sky. “I’m so glad you were able to come!” Past-Noemi said. “Now I can show you what I love about this city.”

“Love enough to stay after college?” Past-Lai teased gently.

Past-Noemi laughed. “No. For all the wonderful things about New York, I miss home.” She looked around. “There’s not enough snow, and while seeing the Macy’s parade in person was neat, it would have been more fun watching on the tv with you guys, eating Molly’s cookies and danish and drinking hot chocolate.”

“You only have 3 more years!” Past-Molly said. “And then you’ll be back! Besides, I sent you cookies!”

“You did, and they have been a good link to the Cove,” Past-Noemi said.

They stopped, and Past-Sue looked at Past-Molly and Past-Lai. “Should we show her now?”

“Show me what?” Past-Noemi looked at the three of them.

“This.” Past-Lai pulled a present out of her leather bag and handed it to Past-Noemi. “Something to help with the home-sickness.”

Past-Noemi opened the present and gasped. “Oh, you guys! This is awesome!”

“We thought you might like it,” Past-Sue said, and the other two nodded, grinning.

But what is it??? Schrodinger half-stood on his back paws, putting one of his front paws on Molly’s leg to see better.

Past-Noemi pulled a small evergreen wreath from the box. It was about the size of two hands cupped together, and in the center was a gingerbread man holding a small wooden sign that said, “Welcome to Carter’s Cove South” on it. 

“Sue made the wreath,” Past-Molly said. “I made the gingerbread man, and Lai painted the sign.”

“And then Molly worked her magic on it,” Past-Lai said. “So it won’t ever fade.”

“Ever?” Past-Noemi asked.

“Ever,” Past-Molly said. “Or at least until we aren’t friends anymore, which will never happen.”

The grey surrounded them and brought them back to the Cove just as Noemi handed over the wreath. “I know it’s usually meant to go on a door, but I couldn’t resist bringing it,” Noemi said. 

“It’s perfect as it is,” Jade said, smiling at her. “We’ll find a place for it. Thank you for bringing it.”

And it’s still as fresh as it was in the vision, Schrodinger said, watching as Jade hung the wreath on a branch. On the giant tree, it fit perfectly.

“Of course it is,” Molly said, smiling. “We’re still friends, after all.”

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