Advent 2021 – December 23

December 23 – Schrodinger

I think it’s my turn.

Before Molly could respond, Schrodinger had trotted up to the tree. The CrossCat had carried his own ornament in a small bag that he now set at Jade’s feet.

The Snow Queen smiled down at him. “I can’t wait to see what you’ve chosen,” Jade said.

It was hard, Schrodinger admitted. It’s odd, because really, I’ve only been celebrating Christmas since I came to the Cove, at least in this way. We celebrated the Solstice in the lair, mostly because it is when the young kits are elevated to adult status. But Christmas- this is a uniquely human celebration, and one I can’t imagine going without now.

“You’ve become very cosmopolitan, ” Jade teased him gently. “I can’t imagine what your clan must think of your adventures. You must be quite the hero to them.”

The CrossCat snorted. More likely I’m a cautionary tale. Most CrossCats get farther than their first stop on their initial solo journey. 

“You wandered until you found home. Isn’t that what the journey is about?”

Yes. And that’s why I chose the ornament I did. He nudged open the bag and Molly was once again wrapped in grey.

When it cleared, she was back in the second floor apartment she and Schrodinger had shared when he had first come to Carter’s Cove, before she and Drew had gotten married and bought the farm. It had had a cozy living room, and she saw herself and Schrodinger sitting on the old sofa, lit only by the lights from their Christmas tree. 

“I brought you a present today,” Past-Molly said to the CrossCat snoozing next to her. His ears perked up as she handed him a small gift bag.

I thought we couldn’t open presents until Christmas Day!

Past-Molly laughed. “Usually, but this is a special present for you to open now.”

Scrodinger dipped his nose into the bag, moving aside tissue paper to pull out the small handpainted ornament she’d had specially made for him.

A large cat that looked like Schrodinger was perched on a snowbank, with a Santa hat on its head. Below in the snow were the words “Schrodinger’s First Christmas.”

When her eyes cleared again, Molly was back in the crowd, watching as the ornament was placed into the tree.
It was the first of many amazing Christmases with my chosen family, Schrodinger said, looking over at Molly and Drew. And I will echo what was said before: this is a place that welcomes everyone in, and makes them realize that home is the people and places you carry in your heart

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