Coming out of hibernation

It kind of feels like that right now. I’m not going to get into the recent Roe v. Wade decision (if you follow me on Facebook, you saw the incandescent rage that is still coursing through me), but I’m going to talk about the future. About making plans. About writing.

About change.

I went to ConCarolinas the first weekend of June, and not only got to meet some amazing people, but I actually got the chance to attend some panels. I hung around with writers I hadn’t seen in a few years. I bought some new books from authors I just met, and I realized once again how much I enjoy writing. I also realized how I completely bought into the “well, if you don’t write every day and publish often and have a ton of followers on all social media, then you aren’t an author so shut up” bad ideas that I thought I’d moved beyond. It was a bit annoying to realize that the reason I hadn’t been writing was because subconsciously, I was telling myself that since I wasn’t writing every day, it didn’t matter, and well, yeah.


My day job is writing and research heavy. In addition, my Crohn’s is acting up a bit, because yay stress-aggravated illness! And I’m worried about my dad. And others I know.

I’m human. I’m going to designate one weekend day a week (probably Sunday, but maybe Saturday) to be my writing/blogging day. My current goals are to have the StarChild Trilogy and the Belladonna Dreams duology (yeah, I know, I know) outlined out by the end of the year. The end goal is to be able to go part-time at my day job within 6 years, so I can write part-time. That’s what I’m working towards.

Chase your dreams, folks, but be smart about it. I can’t afford to lose my healthcare by losing my job. But I will write.

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