(to-do) The last day of vacation

Sigh. It’s a sad, sad day, the last day of vacation.

But I’ve had a wonderful vacation. I finished the plot summary for the Sapph novella (which needs a title) and started writing the first draft. I went to Pennsic and relaxed with friends and my wonderful hubby. Now, I’m home, dealing with my CSA haul (and what a haul it is this week!) and cooking for the week, since I dive back into work with a vengeance tomorrow. OT on my first Monday back FTW! (Not.)

I’m not really too worried about tomorrow – we get to wear jeans, and they’re feeding us. So today is cleaning and cooking, getting back into the feel of things, and tonight, some editing and writing. I’m thinking that next Sunday, I’m going to start actually working through The Artist’s Way. I’ve read the book several times, but I’ve never actually done more than morning pages. I think I’m ready to start doing the actual coursework.

But not today. Today is cooking and cleaning:
– Clean kitchen
– Put away CSA haul
– Make shephard’s pie for the week
– Do meal plan for the week
– Set up daily calendar for the week (yes, I’m trying to get more organized)
– Get mail together for tomorrow
– Paint fingernails
– Clean dining room table off
– Make zucchini bread? This is a no right now. I’m getting tired.
– Update Port Strangeways and send out the menu for Harpers
– Ball game at 3 pm

There may be more, but we’ll see. I might not get that all done. 😀

Now, more tea and cleaning the kitchen.

Edited to add: Oh yes, there will be writing tonight as well. Just not right now.

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