(writing/personal/to-do) Let me give you stars….

Yes, I’m listening to show tunes today. I’d forgotten how much I love to show tunes.

I’ve been running so much this week that I ended up coming home early from work (a combination of exhaustion and eating something that didn’t agree with my system at the pot luck at work) and I was asleep by 10:30. Slept in until 8:30 am, then took a bath. It’s been a lovely morning so far.

As I’ve been running this week, I’ve been thinking, too. There’s been a lot of driving, and time for me to think. I took a break from writing, because I simply didn’t have the brain cells to put words together. But I could plot, and I could dream.

I could also see what I’ve been doing: putting together massive to-do lists each day, and when I can’t finish even half of them, I lie in bed and beat myself up. Or look at the list and say, “I’ll never be able to finish this,” with the same result. Not conducive to good sleep, never mind good mental health. So I’m going to do something different today.

A short to-do list. The important things that NEED to get done today. I’m not allowed to go over 4 things. And since one of them is a movie with the hubby, it will be easy.

My to-do list for today:
– See Real Steel with Argus
– Finish contract for Spells
– Wash
and put away the dishes in the sink
– Put away laundry

That’s what absolutely needs to be done today. I want to write as well, but those are the four things that I need to get done. That list doesn’t look too bad. I can accomplish that.

But first, tea.

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