(personal/writing/to-do) Day Two of the To-Do list experiment

So yesterday, I got three of the four things on my list done. AND I got 156 words written on the unnamed novella, and did my Morning Pages. Today, even though I slept until 11 am (sigh), I did my Morning Pages, and I’m feeling pretty good. Heading out in a bit to go to the gym (and work off the 3 pieces of triple meat pizza I had for breakfast) and grocery shopping.

This post is going to include my goals for the week as well on Sundays. I want to get back into goals – they give me something to strive for. I have three goals this week – I think they are modest goals, and doable. I’m prepping for CapClave as well, so they’re definitely modest goals. I’ll check in next Monday (we’re driving home Sunday and Monday) to let you guys know how I did.

Goals for the week:
1. 100 words a day, written
2. Go to the gym every morning
3. Pack a lunch every day

The To-Do list today is fairly small as well:
1. Go to the gym and swim
2. Grocery shopping!
3. Clean out the car.
4. Hit the studio for some Beard time.

I’m bringing the computer with me, so I think I’m packing up now and heading out. I really, really want to swim. So, I’ll see you folks later!

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