(to-do/personal/writing) Recovery, Day 2

Yep, came home with con crud despite my best intentions. It’s a good one too – knocked me for a loop this week, and I’m just feeling human today. Sort of. I’m going to take it easy and not do everything I was planning on, just so I don’t end up sick again. This means that I may not make it to Beth and Allie’s this weekend, although I really want to. *pout*

Today is a cleaning day. I need to find my work badge, and the only way to do that is clean the areas I think it’s in, so I can find it. I also want to write, and I need to re-record something if I can manage to go more than 5 minutes without hacking up a lung. And I have to run out to the grocery store – although I think I’m going to the little one down the road rather than the big one. We only need a few things, so I can get by with that.

So here’s the to-do list for today, sick edition:
– Put away dishes
– Wash dishes in sink
– Put away laundry in living room
– Clean off dining room table
– Put bagels in freezer
– Go to grocery store for tuna fish, cat food, soda and oj
– Pay bills
– Balance checkbook
– Write 250 words in the new outline for Novella #1
– Record Rebirth again
– Clean up living room
– Clean up kitchen
– Clean up bedroom
– Write up con redux
– Post to writersweighin

In no particular order, of course. Time to get moving.

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