(to-do/health/personal/writing) The Plague, Day Six (I think)

Sadly, I’ve lost count. Ah well. Suffice to say I’m still a snot machine, but I’m mobile, I’ve done a bunch of running around already, and I’m determined to conquer both my house and my writing this weekend. I’m skipping the Strangeways Halloween party tonight (sorry folks, but you don’t want this plague, trust me) and I’m going to take it easy. So this is a to-do list for the weekend.

To-Do on a crisp Saturday and Sunday:
– Put bagels into freezer
– Roast winter squash
– Roast sugar pumpkin (was going to carve, but yanno, I’d rather eat it. :D)
– Roast pumpkin seeds

– Laundry
– Dishes
– Walk to corner store and get orange juice
– Make orange cranberry muffins

– Finish the outline for the new novella
– Work on the outline/worldbuilding for NaNo
– Email
– Update
– Menu/meal plan for the week
– Make dinner for Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday (OT all week)

– Take a nap
– Play WoW
– Rerecord Rebirth
– Go Swimming (Sunday)
– Make Argus’ hat for next weekend
– Find a good pattern for remembering how to knit (yep, going to try and pick up knitting again)
– Go to Goodwill and find a dress for next weekend
– Pack box to send out Monday

Looks like a lot, but I can do it over the course of the weekend. Right now, it’s time to nap, I think. Priorities, you know.

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