(personal/metrics) Finally, a day off!

It was weird, working this Thursday. Sigh, guess I’ll have to get used to it! I’m enjoying being home to eat with hubby, though, even if it IS hard to get up at 6:30 am every morning.

Today is a writing/cooking/cleaning day. I’ve already gotten 12 kittens’ worth of words (1200 words, for those not familiar with my new measurement system), so now I’m concentrating on some other things. I will keep writing, though. Gotta catch up! I’m only 8.5k behind!

Tomorrow is the Inn at Knottyng Cross, so I’ll be bringing my computer and getting even more words. I am a writing machine! The thing is, the more words I write, the more story ideas I have. That’s a good thing. A very, very good thing.

Okay, today’s to-do list:
– Make meal plan for the week, including lunches
– Make banana bread

– Make roasted veggie mac and cheese – making this on Monday
– Make breakfast egg quiches
– Make maple-apple chicken burgers and french fries (dinner tonight!)
– Fold laundry in living room and put away
– 2k more on Strange

I’m sure there’s more I should be doing, but that’s a lot right there. Time to get moving.

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