(rant) Warning, Val is annoyed

Warning: this post does wander into rant territory. It also wanders into politics, a bit, but mostly it’s a rant. You have been warned.

I’m in training at a new job. I haven’t switched companies, but I’ve been promoted, so I’m getting training in one of the new areas I’ll be supporting (pensions, if you really want to know). Because the trainees are all seasoned members of the company, we’re switching up the training with some team-building exercises, mostly Top Ten lists. The instructor gives us the topic, we have to come up with the top ten things in that topic. It’s been all over the map, and for the most part, I’ve learned some interesting things.

Which brings me to the subject of today’s post: why I feel America is going down the tubes. On Tuesday, we did a Top Ten list on Yahoo’s Top Ten Searches of 2011. My team and I came up with ten events/persons that we thought would be in the top 10. Things like Steve Jobs’ death. The Japanese earthquake/tsunami. The debt ceiling crisis. The Royal Wedding. The Greek Debt crisis. You know, big things. IMPORTANT THINGS.

Of the five things listed above, ONE of them was on Yahoo’s list. The Japanese earthquake, which apparently not even the average citizens of the US could fail to notice. Do you know what else was listed? Jennifer Aniston. American Idol. Casey Anthony. (You can see the entire top ten list here: Yahoo Top 10 Searches for 2011) American freaking Idol makes the list, but Steve Jobs’ death doesn’t. No politicians made the top ten, actually, which (considering the state of the Republican offerings this time around) surprised me. It also saddened me.

I will be the first to admit that I am probably not much like the “average American” that fills out these polls. In other times, I would probably be considered a bluestocking. I’m not interested in most celebrities, or who’s screwing who. I consider Jackass a blight on the world, followed closely by most “reality TV.” (Although I do admit that I adore Food Network and Cooking Channel. Do those count? And Ghost Hunters/Ghost Adventures. Anything with ghosts in it, I can pretty much guarentee I’ll at least try.) I don’t listen to most contemporary music – I like country, for the most part. I read, rather than watch TV. I am a gamer geek, although not a huge one (just WoW, pretty much, although I’m contemplating finding my copy of Master of Magic again). I write. And I read, did I mention that? Not just books, but anything I can get my hands on.

So these people who follow Snooki or Justin Bieber or Sarah Palin are like aliens to me. I despise people who can’t seem to make their own opinions, but follow others like sheep. Seriously. I don’t mind if you have different opinions from me, as long as you’ve thought through them and aren’t just spouting whatever the current party line from Newt or Glenn Beck is. THINK about things before you spout them.

And for gods sake, stop watching reality TV. That stuff rots your brains.

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  1. Robaire W. Estel

    I have been a loyal Verizon Customer for over 20 years! I have had my share of problems with Verizon, ranging from paying my bill only to have a CSR go into my account to take more money (unauthorized), insane Customer Service, spending hours on the phone waiting and being transfer to departments that have nothing to do with my issue. In fact, I am still owed $134.25 that verizon refuse to pay. However, my issues now is the proverbial straw.

    I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S5 in November 2014. From the day I received the phone there were problems. I called the day of, the day after and the day after that and was told since my previous phone was a iPhone5, I had to get used to the android! The explanation I gave them clearly did not register. The phone was problematic, which had nothing to do with being an android.I called Samsung and spoke with their tech. support team and they advised that I return the phone for a new one. Again, I tried in vain but got no support. As I Write & Produce Film & Television, I am extremely busy and my phone is my #1 essential tool for business. After about a week, I couldn’t take it anymore! I called again and the CSR told me I was past my trial date. I NEVER KNEW I HAD A TRIAL DATE!!! Now, I’m stuck with a phone that has a mind of it’s own.

    I have purchased every phone I have from Verizon and have always paid it off over a period of time. Certain amounts were added to my bill which made things a great deal easier. However, with this phone, I had to pay the entire cost in one billing! I called to ask why and was told: “We have always done that”. Which was a lie.
    Recently, I paid my bill (a one bill account). Usually, I can pay my bill and when I get the confirmation e-mail, I can check my credit union account and the monies I paid is immediately withheld. This time, they held the payment for 2 weeks before submitting it. All of my other bills were paid, interest fee assessed and I was 3 cents short of the amount I paid verizon. The payment was returned. Immediately, I went to a verizon store to pay the bill. It was “supposed” to be taken out imediately. However, it wasn’t until days later. It cleared! No problem, right? WRONG!
    I called because 4 days after I paid, I received a “disconnect service” e-mail. Now, my hair is on fire!!! I spoke with a young woman who really could not explain why this was happening and assured me that a Supervisor would call me within the hour. That was 3 days ago. No Call!! I was told I have been place on a “pay cash only” list, no longer can I pay with my debit card or credit card.

    This is the final straw! 20 years of never having a payment problem, 20 years of waiting hours to talk to someone and being passed around and never having my issues address because like most people, I had other things to do with my day, 20 years of the worse customer service on the planet! No more! I have serve my time…

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