(writing/personal) The doctors’ appointments are done.

I’ve seen the last one today, and gotten the okay for my treatment plan.  Now, it’s just a matter of time, and healing.


Healing in more than just sleeping and eating right.  Healing in accepting that I can’t do everything.  That I’m not 22 years old and invincible.  That I can live with no regrets and move forward.


I’ve started writing again.  In the last three days, I’ve written at least 300 words a day on the Pendragon Casefiles #1.  I don’t like where Midsummerland is starting yet – I have the story, but it feels wrong where I started, so I’m letting that lie right now.  Pendragon is where my muse is.


And no, I really don’t care that ghost stories are hard to sell.  That’s part of the new “no regrets” philosophy.  I like ghost stories, and that’s what I’m going to write.


More later.  Now, it’s time for bed.

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