(personal/writing) Getting back into the swing of things

I’ve been writing again.  In fact, my new streak is at 8 days and counting.  It feels good to write again, like I’ve found the right thing that I need to be doing.


I used to wish I was one of those authors who could have two or more projects going at once, because they always seemed to be getting stuff done.  However, as part of learning my own process, I’m realizing that I’m not built that way.  I have two current stories going, and I’m going to be putting one aside so I can concentrate on the other one.  I can’t switch back and forth from different worlds – not when I’m writing, at least.  So I’ll choose one (Pendragon, actually) and then, once that draft is done, I’ll switch back to Midsummerland.


I’m okay with this.  Yes, it takes me longer to write and finish things.  But that’s okay.  It’s my process, and I’m owning it.  I have other things I can work on as well (like the page proofs for Last Rites), and the sooner I finish Pendragon, the sooner I can start shopping it around.


And that’s a good thing.

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  1. Connie Cockrell

    Welcome back!

    And I’ve read the best way to be productive as an author is to write only one project at a time. That way you (as you have already found out!) can keep your head in the world you’re building. But to take a break, work on editing/revising a previous work and plot out another. If you indie publish, you can work on that too!

    I found this method works for me. Good job to you for finding your own balance. And good luck on your project.

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