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(personal/writing) Goal met! And on to the next!

Today, I stepped on the scale and blinked.  Several times.  Guys, I’ve been trying REALLY hard to moderate my eating and to exercise, and I’ve finally broken through my first goal.   I’ve dropped 10 lbs.   It might not seem like much, given I’d like to lose approximately 100 more pounds, but it’s a …

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(to-do/writing/personal) Sundays are days of rest. Really.

Even when you don’t get home until 3:30 am from a ghost investigation – it’s still a day of rest.  A day to catch up on Once Upon a Time (my new favorite show, next to Castle and Bones), write, do laundry and dishes, and just renew myself.  I really do like this new schedule …

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(writing/letters/update) Day two of the month – on track!

Lots done today! 750 words – check. Letter sent – check (to my adorable niece!) Words on Forgotten – 1003 (made up for yesterday, so still on track for the month.) Court report sent in to Brigantia – check. Email updated – check. Going to fall into bed now – check.