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(to-do) Blessed Imbolc!

To all my friends, pagan or no, I offer you blessings on Imbolc.  This is the celebration of the Crone becoming the Maiden again – Spring is coming, and it’s time to clean things out.  Mentally and physically.


In honor of that, I’m cleaning today.  All this weekend, actually.  So we need a to-do list, of course.



– Put laundry in Living Room away

– Disassemble broken couch and take to dump

– Move non-broken couch to other wall

– Move table under other window

– Do laundry!

– Clean catbox

– Bake sandwich bread

– Clean carpet in living room


If I can get this all done, I’ll start on the kitchen!

(to-do) Serene Sunday (this is what 3-day weekends do to me)

positive thinking

This is from a lovely page on Facebook that I follow: The Pagan Musings.  They always have such wonderful things, and it makes me happy to see them on my feed.


Today’s to-do list:

– Morning Pages

– Dishes


– Reclaim the Dining Room table

– Off to Jenn and Mark’s for a UFP day (UnFinished Project!) to make a black velveteen Gates of Hell for Birka.

– Edits

– Food plans for the week

– Put laundry away


That’s a good list.  Time to get working on it.

(personal/to-do) Recovery day

So yeah, lost most of the weekend recovering from the flu that’s going around work.  Call centers are petri dishes, you know?  I was feeling crappy on Thursday – by Friday, I knew I was sick. Spent all Saturday asleep, and am finally starting to feel better.  However, I know better than to push it.  I’m taking it fairly easy today, because I don’t want to push myself back into sickness.


I have to run tomorrow, after all.


Luckily, I have edits to do, so I can curl up on the couch with cups of tea and work through them.  I think I shall make cupcakes tonight too – I have a yellow cake mix (GF) and I want something sweet for lunches this week.  And maybe some pancakes for breakfast.  Or biscuits.  Mmm, biscuits.  And if I make biscuits, then I can make egg quiches and have breakfast sandwiches all week.  You know, I believe we have a plan.


Now to execute it.

Sunday is made for Chex Mix!!!

And writing.  And laundry.  And cooking.  It’s one of those days.

I need to write today – I’ve got two blog posts I need to write, as well as the outline for NaNoWriMo.  I also need to answer email, and make food for what is going to be a busy week.  And there’s almost no clean laundry in my house.  It’s a scary thing.

So, on with the list!

– 2 batches of Chex Mix

– 1 batch of Egg Muffins

– Make dinner plans for the week

– Grocery list for Monday

– NaNoWriMo outline

– Laundry!

– Pack lunch for Monday

– Blog Post #1 (why do you write?)

– Blog Post #2 (Them Damn Hamiltons)

– Writing/Exercise Schedule for the week

I think that’s it. I’ll be cooking too – I don’t know what, but I’ll be cooking.

And we’re back!

Thanks to my wonderful webhost Verve, we’re back in business!

This weekend is a quiet one.  The only place I need to go is to my Mom’s tomorrow, and that’s a quick run.  Today, I am not getting out of my pjs. I do have a to-do list (including a story due Monday!), but it’s one that I’m stretching out all weekend.  I am even contemplating a nap today.

To Do this fine weekend:

– Finish Convoy and turn it in

– Fold all the laundry and put it away

– Make food plan for the next week

– Cook all the food!

– Clean the living room

– Measure the living room

– Listen to my digital recorder

– Nap

I’ve got butternut squash roasting in the oven, and my 2nd cup of tea cooling next to me.  Time to fold a load of laundry.

Getting back into life – the last weekend of summer

It is, actually.  Fall swoops in next week, so this is the official last weekend of summer.  And I slept half of it away – odd fever dreams dominated my day yesterday.  So today I have a ton to do!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, even though I’ve been quiet here.  Life has gone ahead at warp speed – I autocrated the Harper’s Retreat event over Labor Day weekend here in New Hampshire, and then did my Remicade treatment the day after.  Then our van died, so I’ve been dealing with that as well.  No real writing, although I’ve got the beginning of the next short story that I’m working on (for an anthology I’d like to be part of).

This morning, I got up about 10 minutes after my alarm went off, and went into my office – and wrote.  I did my morning pages, just like I’ve wanted to.  Bear came in with me and fell asleep in the sun while I poured out the odd dreams I woke up to.  It’s  now a little past 10, and I’ve fed hubby, had my first cup of tea, and my breakfast is simmering on the stove.  I feel alive.

I do have a to-do list today, and it’s long, but I feel it’s all perfectly in my grasp:

– put away folded laundry in living room


– fold laundry in dining room

– put away laundry in dining room

– go to WalMart and get eyes checked

– Stop at Carter Hill and get apples and cider (and maybe donuts!)


– make mushroom-leek-ham soup for the week

– make herbed ravioli for dinner

– make maple-mustard chicken thighs for the week

– clean up kitchen

– Bread? (question mark because I’m not sure if I want to or not)

– Write 1k on Black Rose

– Catch up on email

– Store run: containers, pop-tarts, anything else I think of.


That looks doable.  Onward and upward!

(personal/writing/to-do) Day 3 of Vacation and I feel…tired

Vacation can be exhausting!  Especially if you go somewhere.  Granted, we only went to Worcester for a few days, but sleeping in a strange bed, eating terribly (pizza and soda and chips and CRAP), and hanging out until all hours of the night is fun and tiring.  I feel like my brain is full of cotton wool.


So today is a rejuvenating day – a day to hang out at home, I think, and clean.  Do laundry, make pasta sauce and freeze it (or can it, if I’m feeling bold) because we’re drowning in ripe tomatoes, clean out the trash in my fridge and write.


I’m working on a couple of writing projects – I’m trying to finish a rough draft in an entirely new genre to me, which will most likely go out under a pen name, and then I have a couple of short stories I need to write.  And then, there’s the Advent Story – I have it on VERY good authority that Schrodinger, Molly and Drew are going to be back for another round this December!  So exciting!  I’ve got some planned projects that I want to finish too, so I’ll be putting up a Honey-Dew list as my next post (in case you’re interested).  Bear is once again snuggled up to me  – I think he’s afraid if he doesn’t have at least part of me touching him, I might go away again.


I also have some podcasts to listen to today, and it’s a day game.  I’m thinking I’ll watch the game and clean the living room (and fold laundry), then listen to the podcasts while I clean the kitchen.  I was thinking about going to the beach, but there are things I do need to do.  We’ll see.


(personal/to-do/writing) Another Sunday comes…

It seems like Sundays are the only days I blog.  Which isn’t good, but hey, it’s better than complete radio silence, right?  I’m trying.

Vacation comes up next week – I’m planning on one day of just writing, nothing else.  But I have to get through this week first.

I’m reading a couple of interesting books – one is called The Exhaustion Cure, and the other is called It’s All Too Much.   Sense a theme?  I’m trying to get a handle on things.  I have another one here called Instant Recess that I’ll start after I finish one of the others.  I’m just tired of being tired, and I’m realizing that  yes, I do too much.

Today is a day of rest.  Seriously.  I’m cutting my to-do list way down:

– Put away the folded laundry in the living room.

– Fold and put away the laundry in the dining room.

– Empty  my garb chest into the laundry.

– Make pasta and veggies for the week.

– Make a quiche.

– Make a rhubarb crumble for dessert. (We have a friend coming over)

– Write 250 words.

– Put away the dishes in the dish rack and wash the dishes in the sink.


That’s a doable list.  And not a hard one.  The game is on at 8 pm tonight, and I’m planning on watching and enjoying.

(personal/to-do) Sunday wakes up late and satisfied

Yep. I slept in today.  11:30, everyone.  It was AWESOME!  My hubby rocks my socks.  I really needed to sleep in.


Today I have lots of stuff to do.  I’m working overtime all week, which means I’m leaving by 8:15 every morning, and not getting home until after 9:30 pm.  Bleah.  So I need to have food for the week, and make sure all the laundry is done.  And sew.  I have lots of sewing to do (even though I’m not going to Pennsic!)


So here’s the list:

– Food for the week:

* Orange Chicken with Broccoli in the crockpot

* Rice for the Orange Chicken

* Shephard’s Pie

* Truffled Wild Mushroom Ravioli with Pesto and Zucchini (dinner tonight!)

* Garlic bread (For the ravioli)

* Rhubarb Crumble

– Laundry:

* Put away folded laundry in the living room

* Fold laundry in basket in living room and put away

* Wash garb from GNEW (including fabric for Kate!)

– Finish Kate’s blue chiton

– Sew Kate’s pink chiton

– Dishes!


Wow, that’s a lot.  But stuff can go in the oven and then I can ignore it.  First, though, I need another cup of tea and breakfast.  Then we go!!!

(personal/to-do/writing) NOT DEAD!!!

Really.  I’m not.  Even though I haven’t posted in like a month.  Life has just been – well, it’s been life.

However I’m finally over the walking pneumonia and the residual exhaustion, and I’m refocusing on certain things: family, my house, and my writing career.

I’m exploring some things.  I’m changing some things.  I’m rediscovering some things I’ve lost.  It’s a journey, and although it’s sometimes a painful journey, it’s one I’m enjoying.

To-Do List for Sunday:

– Fold laundry in living room

– Put away laundry in living room

– Do dishes

– Make pasta for pasta salad

– Vacuum living room


That’s enough for today.  Time to get moving.