Malagentian Test Kitchen

This weekend, I went out to an SCA event, the Malagentian Test Kitchen up in Maine. The picture above is one of my best friends Sine and I in the glorious sunshine. Sine and her husband Kythe actually introduced Argus and I, so we’ve been friends for a long time.

This was a fun, low-key event. I had new garb (thank you, Kiaya!) and didn’t bring the walker, although I did have my walking stick. KJ, Jeanne and I had a hotel room for the night, because setting up the big tent is too much for just one night. I got to try my Loops at the event for the potluck, and it really helped. My new headphones were also tried out and I’m happy with them.

Serena is going back to the shelter on Wednesday. I’m sad, but not devastated anymore. My friend Kathryn pointed out that we basically fostered her for 6 months and learned a lot about her that will help the shelter place her in a forever home. She needs to be an only cat, and that’s important. I think Wednesday will be hard, so I’m taking the day off. KJ and I will bring her over at 1 pm, and then we’ll maybe go to the studio or something. Maybe we’ll go to the movies.

This is kind of a fluffy entry, but it’s an entry. My life was a bit rough this week (between the decision on Serena, the Crohns backlash on Wednesday, and getting ready for the weekend), so I didn’t get a lot of writing done, but I’m getting back on my schedule slowly. Next week will be the writing update I was going to do today, and the week after that, Geneva Oleander is doing a guest post! We have some more guest posts coming up in the next few weeks after that!

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