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I know, it’s been a while. I’m actually coming out of a pretty dark time, but I’m working with a therapist and on medication and have been diagnosed with ADHD (I know, finally, right??), so the future is looking – well, it’s brighter than it’s been in a while, even if it’s still pretty dim. But I can see some light where I couldn’t before.

My father’s dementia has been progressing steadily, and sadly, he’s reached a point where we’re having to do a lot of changes to his medications to try and keep him calm. Dementia with someone who is ex-military is not a fun thing, let me tell you. But we’re working through it, and he’s back at his assisted living home again after a brief hospital stay.

The medication has allowed me to finally start writing again, and while I’m not doing more than first drafts at this point, I’m thrilled that both Belladonna Dreams and my new cottagecore dystopia (which doesn’t really have a name and is totally fanfic that I’m writing for myself) have more than 1 word written in them. In fact, for April, I wrote over 8k. This is amazing.

So, for May, I have 3 goals. 250 words a day 5 days a week, daily pages every day, and posting to this blog once a week (on Sundays). I’m starting small, and mostly just getting myself back into a schedule, because it was pointed out to me that I could actually be a full-time writer in 10 years (or less! EEK!) and also, with the ADHD, I’m finding I need structure. And I’m supposed to be an adult, so I kind of have to provide that structure for myself.

It’s a work in progress. But I need to start somewhere, and well, this is where I’m starting. I’m going to do some writing/life posts, as well as some book reviews (I’m reading again too! It’s amazing what I can do!) and at least one guest post from a friend who has a new book out. I know a lot of people aren’t following this anymore, but that’s what I get for vanishing.

The longer-term goals for the year? Get at least one first draft finished (Belladonna Dreams) and get myself on a daily writing schedule. I can do this.

I can.

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