Last Rites


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It’s rough being a Horseman.

Over the last six months, Nikki Jeffries has learned that everything she thought she knew about herself was wrong.  Now, as the semi-mythical Horseman Death, she’s watching her world literally fall apart at the seams, despite her best efforts to save it.  The World Walls are nearly gone, and all sorts of Blood and Chaos creatures are hunting innocents.  The government’s Department V, tasked with protecting the population from just such incursions, is overwhelmed and outgunned.

Not that Nikki can help them – she’s currently topping their “Most Wanted” list, right beside fugitive multi-millionaire Alex Masterson, whom she happens to be hiding.  And she’s got other problems.  Department V has captured her mentor, the Horseman Plague has been corrupted by her enemies, and she still doesn’t know the identity of the Horseman War.  Somehow, Nikki has to pull everything together and finish the Cleansing before the Walls collapse completely.

Then, just when she thought things couldn’t get any worse, Nikki discovers the true destiny she’s been trying very hard to avoid…

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