Radio silence wasn’t intentional

Sorry, folks, last weekend got away from me, and this week I was in the office for the DayJob(tm), so I let things go a bit. But here’s a bit of an update, just so I don’t break my schedule too much:

  1. Health – My Remicade treatment is a week from Tuesday, and with the stress of the last month, I’m feeling it. After talking to my NP, we added another anti-depressant to my med mix, and I think it’s working? I’m not lying on my bed dreading the day anymore. I’ve started back up doing my Supernatural, and I’ve made my step goal every day except Friday (yay migraine) this past week. So we’ll call that a win, even though the pollen and the very dry air in the DayJob(tm) office have dried my skin out so much that I feel like my face is made of paper. Sucking down water like there is no tomorrow.
  2. Writing – I didn’t get many actual words done, but I did get daily pages done for several days, so that’s good. I’m writing today on Dreams, and we’ll see how far I get.
  3. House – Yeah. That’s been a bit. I have issues with laundry, and it came to a head. The end result is that I have about 14 trash bags of dirty laundry in my basement, and my roommate has been helping me process them. On the good news front, I’m finding a lot of clothes that I forgot I had, and I’m getting control of my room slowly. So yeah, that’s good.
  4. Food – Well, the good thing about going into the office is getting to sample all sorts of good food. I really love our cafeteria. This upcoming week, Bob and I are working on making sure we get our meals in without ordering in, and I even made dinner last night! Tonight, I’m planning on hamburgers, because I’ve been craving them. So after writing, I’m going to go get my meds, go for a bit of a drive, and then grocery shop and home.

So yeah, it’s a bit boring, but I’m working on it. Next weekend is Memorial Day weekend, and I’m planning on relaxing a lot through it.

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