(writing/personal) Good intentions and all that jazz

I meant to write more today on the Advent Story for Nano.  I’m still determined that I’m finishing by November 30 (I can totally do it), but today was one of those days where I knew if I didn’t write at lunch, weren’t no words getting written.




Well, I had Things to Do(TM) today.  Lots of them.  Which involved lots of driving (and there will be more driving after work).  And all that meant that I completely forgot where I was in my writing.  *sigh*


And while I have Dropbox on my phone (omg, I LOVE DROPBOX!!!), I can’t open the file on my phone, because I am writing in Scrivener, and there is no Windows app for Scrivener.  (Please don’t tell me that I shouldn’t have a Windows Phone.  There were reasons that I got it when I got it.)  So while I can SEE the file, I can’t read it.  Which means I can’t figure out where I am.  And my writing is linear, which means the “oh, go to the next scene and just fix it later” hack doesn’t work for me.




Oh well.  So I give you a blog post instead, because I won’t give up my writing streak.  And because I was planning a post anyways, to say thank you to you, my readers.  I know I’m very inconsistant in blogging (something I’m working on!), but I love to talk to you, and the fact that you guys are there, and wonder where I am when I’m not blogging, really makes me happy.  It warms my heart.  So when I sit down to Thanksgiving tomorrow, I will be giving thanks for my family, my friends, my readers and my stories.  Thank you for being here.  Thank you for reading me.  Thank you for being awesome.


And I hope you get everything you desire in the coming year.

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  1. Connie Cockrell

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

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