(personal) Grey


I’m getting tired of grey mornings.  Even grey mornings that smell of green and growing things, that are warmer than they were, and full of soft rain.  I used to enjoy grey days, but that was before we had the winter from Game of Thrones that seemed to last forever.  When I wake up to grey light coming into my bedroom, fatigue creeps into my bones, even after a good night’s sleep, and it’s very hard to convince myself to get up and do life.


But I do, every day, because so far, my track record is 100% getting through those days.  Because once I get up, and I step outside, and I smell the growing things wafting on the air, it starts to be less grey depression and more the pearlescent glow of dawn, of a new day coming.  Spring is here, finally.  And the rain, as Eponine told Marius, will make the flowers grow.

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