(balticon) Schedule for #Balticon!

So if you want to find me at Balticon this weekend, here’s how:

5/27/11 5:00 PM Duration: 00:30
Room: Chase Track: Readers
Val D Griswold-Ford — Reading

5/27/11 6:00 PM Duration: 00:50
Room: Maryland Foyer Track: Autographings
J-F Bibeau and Val Griswold-Ford Autograph Session
Autograph Session

5/28/11 2:00 PM Duration: 01:50
Room: Parlor 1041 Track: Fan
Needleworkers Tea
Do you knit, crochet, spin, embroider or handsew? Want to hang out and enjoy a lovely civilized couple of hours with other fans who do the same? Come to the Needleworkers Tea – bring your current project and see what others are doing. Enjoy tea, coffee and home-baked goods, as well as a spot to sit and work.

5/29/11 1:00 PM Duration: 00:50
Room: Salon B Track: Readers
How to Read for Pleasure
This isn’t about being a “better reader” but about how to really enjoy what you’re reading more!

5/29/11 2:00 PM Duration: 00:50
Room: Salon B Track: Readers
Good and Evil in Genre Literature
Do science fiction, fantasy and horror have underlying moral perspectives? What are they? Do they differ? If so, why?
(I’m modding this one)

5/29/11 3:00 PM Duration: 00:50
Room: Belmont Track: Readers
Mind the Plot Holes, Dear
Give examples of various discrepancies/problems with details from any piece of SF/F and try to categorize them (examples: temporal, silly, boneheaded, etc.). How could the story be saved? A round table discussion.

5/29/11 7:00 PM Duration: 01:00
Room: Derby Track: New Media
Women Podcaster’s Roundtable
Our panel of crack podcasters will talk review the year in podcasting and talk about the pressing issues of the day; and all this from the female point of view. Discussions will include talks of equipment, time management, monitization, and more.

5/29/11 8:00 PM Duration: 01:00
Room: Derby Track: New Media
Podcasting for Non Technical People
Podcasting doesn’t have to be intimidating. At its very heart, it can be as simple as you, a microphone and an RSS Feed. Even that can sound exotic to someone who isn’t a techie. Come and listen to pros explain the magic of podcasting in terms even the most non-technical person can use to create their own podcast.

5/30/11 1:00 PM Duration: 01:00
Room: Derby Track: New Media
The Shrinking Man Project Live!
The Shrinking Man Project Live! – Join Doc Coleman, The Shrinking Man, and his guest panel as they examine the effect of diet and exercise on creativity, productivity, and mental agility. The panel will also suggest strategies for developing a sustainable exercise program to fit your individual needs. Audience participation is encouraged! Bring your questions!

This ought to be a fun weekend – although Sunday looks intense! Eek!

Now to finish packing and baking…

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